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This is where the best essay writing service comes into the picture. They unburden the students by providing genuine essay writing services. Writing in a well-disposed environment helps you shine all these skills and broaden your way of thought. In case you are having difficulty writing an essay then you can always ask Best Assignment Help Service or Get Assignment Help service by to write one for you and you can also learn from their content.

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Challenges faced by students


Doing Essay Writing and homework writing is not an easy task and that too when you have to do it taking time from your busy schedule. You hardly have a choice to avoid any work because of your assignments. English essay writing has many rules and a format attached to it and students are more often found to ignore or unknown about it. Below are the Essay Writing mistakes a student tend to make:-



Unable to write a thesis statement is the core problem. Students are often found not able to write a clear, understandable and strong thesis statement. You may get across a similar difficulty while writing an essay. 


  1. Lack of evidence

Another main mistake students make is that they do not present enough, proof or evidence to clarify their perspectives. For example, if your essay is on childhood obesity, you should present proof of where this problem is more common. You should also comprehend what types of actions should be taken in this regard.

  1. Writing an introduction that does not prove a point

Students begin writing the introduction but are not careful with what they are going to cover. For example, if the writing is on childhood obesity, then you may start the essay by describing obesity and talk a little about its history. Then you can discuss the point of what you are going to include in your own paper and what is its importance. But these points get ignored.



  1. Unawareness of the target audience

Students are unsure of their target audience, and it becomes quite tough for them to maintain quality throughout the essay.


  1. Unclear analysis

Students often face lots of problems in academic writing as they do not provide reliable analysis and the overall subject is unclear to the reader.


  1. Awkward structure

The most common writing problems are the bad construction of sentences and unclear writing. It is necessary for a student to structure the essay and make it readable and understandable.

  1. Conclusion Issue

An essay should consist of three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The conclusion is usually missed or overlooked by students, and it can lead them to give a bad impression on the professor


Referencing: Referencing is the most difficult and most important part while writing an assignment. Due to multiple referencing styles, different formats for each referencing style etc. Only a Best Assignment Writing Expert can fulfil this requirement as they have ages of experience and they are or they were active as a professor or lecturer and now helping students to write their assignments. An old university student or friend can never provide you with such accuracy.


Plagiarism:- We are sure that every student is aware of this aspect. Plagiarism in your academic writing is a sin. Students hardly realize that they are using plagiarized content in their writing due to lack of time, poor English and getting ideas from the internet and most important guidelines from the college. Old students or your Friends never have access to the worlds best plagiarism tools and if they do it from any random plagiarism tool, there are chances of getting plagiarized content. Only Softwares like Turnitin has the most powerful database to check plagiarism. Access to this software is only allowed to professors or colleges.

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