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What is Community Health Nursing?

A community health nurse promotes and teaches communities about important health information affecting their society. These nurses assay to educate their patients about different treatment options. They help prevention of disease and serve individuals with medical care. In this type of nursing, they protect the health of the populations using knowledge from nursing, social and health sciences.


This job is community-based rather than taking care of individuals. So, It is ideal for nurses who are looking for gratifying work.


As of now, only 15% to 20% of people lives in rural areas and they lack proper health care resources. Moreover, the USA has lower per capita primary care, physicians in rural areas with 45-48 physicians per 10000 as compared to 58-60 per 10000 in urban areas. Seeing circumstances rural residents are more exposed to suffer from chronic diseases, they need to have proper education social and lifestyle that can challenge these conditions. So as per data Community Health Nursing has a bright future.



This is the particular reason students choose this profession in the USA. As a result, academic module followed in Public Health Nursing Course is different from other nursing courses

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Below is a list of Community Care Nursing Assignment help subjects that you may consider -


  • Work in the Social Services

  • Private treatment

  • Ambulatory Care

  • Kid care

  • Community Care Nursing Format

  • Case Study on Community Care Nursing

  • Plan for Mediation


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