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Courseworks are usually assigned by the teachers to students for learning. Fieldwork, long essays, quizzes etc are coursework. This is a part of the exam result. In colleges or Universities, students perform coursework to enhance knowledge and research skills. Students hope to get the highest marks when assessed through coursework, which may include modules or a mixture of coursework and examinations.


Challenges faced by Students in Coursework Writing


1. Time management: how does the student prepare from class to class, do all the papers and prepare for exams. This becomes more complicated when the student has many courses in parallel.

2. Research skills: only a minority of colleges actually help students with the strong foundations that are needed to do severe research. This makes dealing with the coursework difficult.


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  1. Understand the objective before they begin.

  2. Research, research, research.

  3. Plan your essay or report carefully.

  4. Manage your time.

  5. No plagiarism.

  6. Editing and Proofreading

  7. Make sure it fits all coursework requirements


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