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Midwifery is a course in practical nursing assisting women in childbirth. They are trained nurses who help pregnant women during labour pain, delivery and post-delivery 


Below are the areas covered by Midwifery Best Assignment Help


  • Pregnancy and chronic conditions.

  • Midwifery care.

  • Family Plan.

  • Primary healthcare skills.

  • Difficulties and emergencies incurred during birth.

  • Ethics and laws under nursing and midwifery

Importance of Midwifery Assignment

Midwifery focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and pre-birth and post-birth care. Let's learn them.


Pregnancy is the stage during which a woman baby develops within her. This consist of three trimesters. The midwife looks after the pregnant women for the next nine months.

  1. The First Trimester

In the First trimester the woman is constrained to various tests. During this time, the midwife supports the examinations. This is the most critical stage of the pregnancy.

  1. The Second Trimester

The midwife appointments are more numerous during the second trimester. During this trimester, problems like nausea, heartburn, and back pain are inscribed by the midwife. The midwife keeps record of the patient's blood pressure and weight. She also keeps a track of the child's development. 

  1. The Third Trimester

The midwife examines the woman every two weeks before week 36 and once a week after that. To eliminate any risk, the midwife suggests tests that she believes are relevant. During this time, the woman and the midwife speak about the newborn's treatment.

  1. Childbirth

Giving birth is not an easy process. Midwives are trained to deliver babies under ordinary circumstances. They are competent of managing natural childbirth. Childbirth has four phases. During these phases, the midwife is with the mother and holds or manages the child's birth.

  1. Postpartum era

During the post-delivery period, the midwife performs an important role. She takes care of the baby and the mother. She draws a schedule for the child's treatment, vaccines, and some necessary testing if required.

  1. Newborn care

The midwife manages the Apgar score. This is a wellness examination for the baby that looks at a variety of circumstances. The Color, respiratory effort, sound, heart rate, and reaction to stimuli are some areas.

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An authorized midwife is someone who has completed formal midwifery training. The learned is responsible for implementing a natural delivery, which includes non-operative procedures and sustaining personal relationships with female patients, and tutoring them about reproductive health. The professional conducts obstetrics and gynecological review and prescribes various medications.

Midwifery is an elemental healthcare provider who practices natural childbirth. It is important to identify any complications or problems as soon as possible. A proficient and qualified midwife will save a woman from experiencing both emotional and physical pains.

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